Two Poems from Melbourne Central Station

By | 1 June 2014

Descent into Hades, stiletto edition

A sky-heeled woman
Dips her toe into the
Escalator Styx
A child seeking to enter
The snap of a staircase spun by
Schoolyard sadists
Once more:
And now the river is changed
And she is off, a-clop!
A mechanical chevalier
Stirruping metal grooves
Clasping black rubber rein.

Bathroom congregation

Co-conspirators hold closed
confession booth doors
as penance for guilty texting

Hands are cupped beneath
a vestment-white dryer –
to receive a breathy communion

A scarf is looped in the
sign of the cross, with
fingers rosarying its tasselled length

Voices are murmurs
eyes are low
and purses are held
air-port tight.

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