By | 1 September 2013

yes, yes: about 2×1030 kgs of hot plasma
interwoven with magnetic fields …
I see. a Wikipedian colloquy
a storm of common knowledge in a tea cup
yes, common knowledge … (?)
but, you know, I do not have a problem with religion
in relation to wars, &c
any more than I have a problem
with soccer balls over hooligan violence

science goes on labelling
and x has a fixed value (ha!)
and apparently our stocks in understanding
and life-expectancy are on the rise
but, I ask thou, in your menagerie of idols yonder
how many laid down their guns
before the age of forty?

and in the Dreamtime it is the Sun Woman
who mothers all life into being
unswaddling us, then, in the night

round and round
she goes
counting us down to none.

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