Eeyi Eeyi Duck (quack quack-quack)

By | 24 July 2007

Sleepy sleepy time crawls over the dirty horizon
Like so many ducks – quack quack quack
Eeyi eeyi duck quack quack-quack
They come crawling in a dust storm yellow rubber
Green with trapped water
Squeak squeak spurt – are you my mother?
eeyi eeyi duck quack quack-quack
Eeyi eeyi duck, spurt spurt
They trample down houses, malls, head-butt lamp posts, leave giant duck prints on suburban sports oval,
          dirty the glass on factory show room window
Make grabs at pastries in quaint little bakeries, fish the strip for new clothes and jewellery
duck poo and down the banks are full of it while managers and owners stand
puzzled in streets
What was that yellow cloud
Eeyi eeyi duck?

Quack quack-quack and all the time, bouncing on a mattress
Stained with some foul history
Bouncing bouncing
Eeyi eeyi duck
She can't begin to imagine a world
Where roofs cave in, or little fish go missing
It's all a matter of growing up
Oh how we fail to protect them
On so many fronts, a grazed knee of a time
When mum went away
She remembers that much.

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