I Woke Up ‘n Vomit ‘n Beer

By | 10 November 2003

'n all there the Gobi grappling my blazer
'n all there the sunspots wheeling like rissoles
'n all there the dawn chorus bumping up its lungs

'n the blue-glum fixator is all defeatist
'n won't cheep of the aesthetic mould
'n she blinked in arithmetic morning minutes

'n fiver colliers went on errands to a slot machine
'n eight dockers went to skate in a kibbutz
'n two she-men went bye-byes in a hard wood
'n one drudge croaked on an operating platform

'n the frantic raver is bitterly happy-fast
'n you'll never savvy how prolonged
the gasometer grown-up was
'n the bird's eye saga's on the stump of a bat

'n impressive the schnauzers cocking their legs
'n impressive the buffalo gnats discoing the loop-de-loop
'n impressive the bacteria cells tampering with ice cream

'n the sober-wits crow is chased loony toon by details
'n the one-two-three slowness of the arrow of time
'n the sunrise's energy balance on the puck of a bat

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