Timothy Barbon: looking happy

29 November 2006

and it's just morning but warm already they're looking for scraps they're snacking on the leftovers two dogs on the train tracks. clack! it's a sedan on the crossing it's been smacked up the back by a station wagon and we expect something bad to happen then nothing does nothing but a quick eye then they're off. a woman and a boy are pressing the green button for electronic train arrival information she's drinking her first beer for the day from a green bottle. from both the platforms people detect there's dogs on the train tracks. we're in a sea of blue sky the hum of traffic moving all over and around. cigarettes are being smoked and a white haired lady drifts by her head in a book and the dogs are saved by three teenagers thrown up on the number two platform and the frankston line train is arriving now late slowing to a halt inside people I don't know are on mobile phones looking happy.


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