Behind Enemy Lines

By | 22 June 2001


he walks past once
& again

now he hovers
clenched fists
sweat pouring
ears pricked
mouth agape

his eyes bulging
staring into every house
every window
his head darting back & forth
like a clown at the show

he walks up the driveway
shoots out
walks down the street
looks around
then back there

this time he goes straight for them
one over his shoulder
one under his arm
& takes off
like a vulture with its prey

he makes it home
panicking about that bloke
he spotted too late
watering the lawn

he burns the passport
the tickets
anything with a name on it
so he can't be



usually it's sloppy service
& looks of revulsion

but the new clothes
with the funny names
change all that

looking like one of them
acting like one of them
feeling like one of them

he likes to brush shoulders
with the sportscasters

'pitiful' pitman buying milk
anne wills browsing
george donikian getting a haircut
amanda vanstone
standing aside for him
in the aisle

but there's always the fear
of being tapped on the shoulder

where'd you get that jacket?
or the shoes
or the shirt
or the jeans



he says
the risk is worth it

he like unley

but he knows
doesn't like him.

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