To Sydelle Belin on the Redemption of the Bank Leumi Bond, Twelve Years Later

By | 6 March 2008

At my Bat Mitzvah I did not know what a bond was
how to save or make money,
just how to take it
and give a big smile. Bank Leumi sent me a letter.
My folks fished out the gift envelope
with your shaky
full name emblazoned.

Dear Aunt Syd with a Y,
the Avenue J dry cleaning store Rose owned
is now a bodega.
The train still trembles by
I passed it en route to see Gramma
at Maimonaides.
The subway's $1.50 now
and the fifty you gave me in '82
is a hundred
taxable Dad says
stick it right
in the IRA.

Syd, I envision you
the day before the Bat Mitzvah,
pulling money
from the pink seat cushion
for a special trip
to Manhattan
to make it a gift
for Fritzie's granddaughter,
isn't she big?

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