Domestic Help

By | 1 February 2019

My mother wants me to whatsapp her every morning. I do
and I send cash, though I’d rather silken, rose-colored clothing…
Woops, I have accidentally poured the wrong cereal for young sir.
We can always let you go, he swans (his got this from his dad).

Of course he has his penis, which he knows and does not know
at 6. Everyone should mollify, before he escalates.
His sister, too, who is 9 and as beautiful as Miriam Colón
without the comprehension or español – says Yeah.

When Columbus signed his pact with the Queen
she gave him the right to fill her coffers and did not ask
whether Taino parents were beloved of their children
or if the siblings killed one another like European royalty.

My husband whatsapps me about my mom. She is fine
he says, she ate a good bit of rice. With adobo? I wonder.

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