I Was in these Pages

By | 1 July 2006

Without making you feel at all
In lands very distant from you
I raised flowers which you like
I know
I left you by yourself
With unforgettable memories…

Every so often
You felt uneasy
Because of my badly digested words
You stayed sleepless…
During successive days
I dragged you towards mornings without a sun
I was in these pages.

I hurt you with touching songs which I liked
I touched you with my poems
Again and again, I drenched you
With my feelings…
I was in these pages.

I often took you for walks
On the most populated streets
Of Istanbul
With your heart beating
Your beliefs and acknowledgments moulded time
Behind blurred window panes…
I was in these pages.

The sky was different
Light was acid
Avenues were without people
Streets were without soul
When I lost you
In the stopping of a bus…
I was in these pages.

I made you wait until mornings
On the streets of Istanbul
I made you tremble in full jolts while you dreamed
During your sighs I threw your shades
Into seas
On blank pages I wrote that I love you…
I made your drawings
On all the walls of the city…
I was in these pages.

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