Giacomo Mally: Italian Lesson

By | 1 December 2010

‘Stivale NM boot/ Stoviglie NSFPL dishes’

‘Slip on, tesoro, le tue stoviglie…’
So my over-eagerness mistook ‘stivali’/
Boots, here exotic, for crockery –

Your look more of surprise than mockery –
‘What will this English bungler dream up next?’
You may have thought but never said,

Too gracious by half. Error since corrected
In act as well as word, I wonder at
How malapropism ever got so fortunate:

Washing up has a whole new interest –
Sheathed ankles, knees, thighs get given
A not-so-objective correlative –

Dream kitchen discreetly equipped with
Suddish shifts of memory, latent delight
In each flashing dish, glinting plate.

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