Or Did You Really Think It Was the Path of No Return?

By | 5 December 2019

after The Farewell by Remedios Varo

When we started walking along the winding road
of separation, did you ever wonder if our shadows
weren’t reluctant to follow?

What if they’d reclaim a life of their own,
decide to concoct a different ending to our story,
loosen their chains one by one?

What if they might have stretched and stretched,
retracing our footsteps towards the place where
words were last spoken or omitted?

And what if then, without restraint, without shame,
pride aside, they would have wrapped themselves
around each other in folds swirling tighter than

the twists of a rope, become braided wicks awaiting
to be lit, linger back there with no witness
save perhaps, an alley cat, a stray dog or a lost sparrow?

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