A Palestinian Seeks Therapy

By | 5 December 2019

I want to say israel made me lose everything to history I had no hand in
I was born brown to a family that picked oranges not fights

I want to say I am here in my body but I am still
trying to pull it from under rubble trying to bring it to life

I want to say israel occupies the space between me and my breath

the milk I breastfeed to my babies, the water I give to jasmines, the dreams I build

I want to say I am angry grieving and I don’t know which is which

and I want to hear these words: “your feelings are valid”

I want to ask how I can end this? I still fear the night skies tuning colors

I still see the shadows of their rifles; every barbwire is a border, every firework is a bomb

I want to say I love myself. I love us

circling in dance rowing in prayer fisting in a battle baking bread

I want to say I am capable of hope and healing
and I quote Darwish:” سيطلع من عتمتي قمر”

But I say:” I have trouble sleeping”
you end the session and give the prescription.

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