Ode to Philippoussis

By | 23 August 2004

                  to Idelies Govett

When he lost the fourth, the match appeared done
Ferrero's fire meant we wuz overcome
And the dream it was dust
As our 'ero lay on the bakin turf
The wound in his chest like some 'oly curse
Til like Laz'rus
He raised imself, tho' shaken 'n sore
Dreamin' o the ripcurl an Hawaiian shore

The ref sez “its time.” The masseuse is done
Die for the silver, 'quit layin' in sun
And the Fans are singin'
Waltzin Matilder fit to nearly burst
But he clutches 'is towel, fer better o worse
So Fitzy does 'is jiggin
Twistin' 'is 'eels, 'til Flip 'e does the same
To get his feet movin' an' into the game

The gods were smilin' when he sprung an ace
Our 'ero reborn's back into the race
Chargin' n' chippin
He broke in the first, then he broke again
Smashin' up the tunnel to the Spanish Main
The fans went wild wiv singin'
Man, you should of 'eard the 'orrendous din
O buglin' and drummin on instruments o tin

Lleyton sprints roarin' from the locker room
C'MOM he shouts, relishin' their doom.
Wiv a serve that's perfeck
The beer flows along wiv sparklin wine
As Scud 'e rips 'em to the service line
What the heck?
Six Zero the score which turned the tide
Brought the Cup to Oz where it should reside

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