By | 31 October 2021


A convincing ground fort
prepares its shaded mask.
Foreign imaged constrictions
colonise a long capital
breaking ground circles
into lines of abstraction.

Ancient low singing hills
are wreathed with pedestal
monuments to a state liturgy.

Into dry air a gum leaf drops
spinning an old rising track
flanked in silver sepia trees
fading a green golden sun.

Puffed players perform a
masque parlé de l’absurde
winding vile blindness
against relational integrity.
Coercively controlled casings
shade mind consumed
by material mined.

I learned earth is good
clean cover is mother
I belong. You teach dirt
needs consecration by human
blood and innocent genitalia.

Your red angle bricks cut
out a ferocious periphery
to suffocate a gated nation.
From unseen hides ensouled
we still drain blood to satiate a
cross inflated body of space.

After long-time soaking
earthy flora, Sun restores
her gift whilst smudging clean
spaces between movement.

Whose time is it
when you’re being
where you are?

Some quietly listen to
grandmother trees gathering
old weaving pattern circles.


Between watery layers
earth spirits inject
a thin air seam across
a wide Ngarigo plain.
A pale morning moon
rides low in your chalky sky.

Capital ship constructions
lie behind state circles,
fenced views exuding
exotic presumption.

Sanctions on board
a sinking Babel leak
as required extruding
contagion, setting sales.
Ungrounded in believing no place
but yearning to cocoon,
a hided herd barricades
in fear of future reform.

Bound unsound
faltering vaulted
logic unravels in slathers
of sly soporific slurs.
Unseen convoluting pathways
continue their common flows.

Over hoary green dappled streams
mill slicing turbines gyrate
their flash charging protest
of soured powers.
Ransacked lands need care.
Mirrors echo in layers of
circuit closing madness.

Smudge pattern faces peer
through your dim window
glass forever minding the
corners until you turn.

A cast shell of identity splits
concealing its being in others.
Do you stay the old parts together
or newly live with case expelled?

Currawongs call across faun
roos watching passing cars.
Night gathers into itself
slowly preparing space
for dark opening stars.

Wend your way deeply into
broad porous boundaries
knowing centrally the sensuous.
A receptive belly gently
lands a felt surround
bringing your beginning.
Seeds flourish in
bright resolution.
We tender our hands to
stone rafts in stone skies.

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