Get Ready with Me: 6 Poems by Jini Maxwell

By | 1 October 2020

get ready with me

in the record of another time zone
perfection is inevitable – we are waiting
on the agent, jasmine noxious and palatial
making its investment in the front yard

and we look for meaning as we wish to be seen:
we observe the Community that promises greatness
the intro plays again
from a screen on the dash of Jon’s driverless car

in the soft hollow left by certain futures we are
– while cognisant of current circumstances – a liability
in the proposed arrangement
we ‘embrace stillness’ in 720p

we have learned to be pleased
by the immensity of your holdings,

we are reclaiming greatness, dieting, ring lights,
we are affiliated for the month of june

& the timestamp as we drive
through the broken fan belt of america
is immaculate:
they are screaming on live, screaming like animals
greetings sisters, rise and grind
in the wake of a fast, sharp present that never recedes

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