Telesforo Sungkit Jr

Telesforo Sungkit Jr

About Telesforo Sungkit Jr

Telesforo Sungkit Jr is a Higaonon poet and novelist. He is the author of Batbat hi Udan, a novel in Filipino. He won the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Writers' Prize 2007 for his Cebuano novel Mga Gapnod sa Kamad-an and the NCCA Writers' Prize 2011 for his Cebuano Novel Ang Agalon sa mga Balod. He is also a recipient of the National Book Development Board Trust Fund for Writers for his Cebuano novel Mga Tigmo sa Balagbatbat. His novel Driftwood on Dry Land was published by University of Santo Tomas Publishing House in 2013. He writes in Higaonon, Cebuano, Filipino and English.

I Higaonon

I. I you called pagan, you say pagan is bad people. You say you is Christian and Christian is good people. You laugh I kneel on big rock or I pray before big tree. You angry I call Migbaya, you …

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