Suchi Govindarajan

Suchi Govindarajan is a writer and photographer. She lives in Bangalore but identifies Melbourne, Madras and Bombay as her other homes. She used to work as a technical writer for an Australian software company but has now been untethered from corporate life. She's the author of two picture books for children (Pratham Books, India). Her work has appeared in publications like Usawa Literary Review, Arts Illustrated, National Geographic Traveller India and Himal Southasian. It's also included in anthologies like Best Asian Short Stories 2019 (Kitaab Press, 2019) and Veils, Halos and Shackles (Kasva Press, 2017). Poetry is her first love; fiction is her newest.

When you say you wish you had my colour

Because it would let you carry off hot pink the way the black models do, the way I do, I meet your light face with confusion I feel rivers rise under my cheeks in this wide and sunburnt country what …

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