Stephanie Dogfoot

Stephanie Dogfoot is the author of Roadkill for Beginners, a poetry collection published by Math Paper Press. She has won poetry slams in Singapore and the UK and represented these countries in international slams, including the Indian Ocean Slam and the Poetry World Cup. Currently, she produces a monthly poetry night called Spoke & Bird and a stand-up comedy night called Siao Char Bors Comedy. She has feature at the George Town Literary Festival, the Melbourne Spoken Word Festival and Glastonbury Festival among many others, and has toured Australia, Germany and North America with her work. She writes in English and knows enough Mandarin to have a brief conversation about the weather while ordering food on a hot day. She does not have much experience with translation, except for once trying to translate a Chinese poem about a goose into English, with disturbing results.

Sea Fire | Memanggang Laut

Half-light, Sky stained violet-pink ball of flame explosion rolling into the ocean. Pink sinking runny into burnt orange as melted crayon, as leaky glow stick, setting the sea alight. Look up: home Constellations like a map to the heavens. The …

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