Slyvia Kin

Slyvia Kin was a teacher in Indonesia and Malaysia, before she landed her current job as a librarian in a primary school. She loves cooking, reading, writing, and music. She has written poems since she was in Secondary school, and would often convert her poems into songs as a way of expressing her feelings. Slyvia started a band with her son called Musically.Poetry, where they combine poems with music, and she plays guitar while her son plays the Ukulele. Some of her poems are set to be included in the anthology Translating Migrating, and she dreams of publishing her own poetry book one day.

Sea Fire | Memanggang Laut

Half-light, Sky stained violet-pink ball of flame explosion rolling into the ocean. Pink sinking runny into burnt orange as melted crayon, as leaky glow stick, setting the sea alight. Look up: home Constellations like a map to the heavens. The …

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