Simeon Dumdum Jr

Simeon Dumdum Jr

About Simeon Dumdum Jr

Simeon Dumdum, Jr was a Regional Trial Court Executive Judge in Cebu City for 15 years and retired in 2015. A multi-awarded poet and essayist, he has several books, including Ah, Wilderness! A Journey through Sacred Time, which won the Manila Critics Circle’s 2009 National Book Award for Nonfiction, If I Write You this Poem, Will You Make It Fly, 2010 National Book Award for Poetry, To the Evening Star (2013), Eighty-Four Words for Sorrow (2014) and The Poet Learns to Dance (The Dancer Learns to Write a Poem) among others. He has won the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards five times for poetry, and the National Book Award five times for poetry and nonfiction.

Upon Seeing a Couple Kiss While I Am Taking Coffee Near the Airport

What if no one witnessed the couple’s quick kiss?  What if I was not in the coffee shop now, Having cappuccino alone and gazing at those who pass by?  Coincidences mark the imprint of this hour. Whether they be casual or …

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