Samuel Tongue

Samuel Tongue was born in Bath and grew up on a pig farm in South Wales. After completing an English degree and a Masters in Creative Writing at Exeter University, he ventured briefly into ministerial training for the Anglican Church in Wales. He won the Callan Gordon Award as part of the Scottish Book Trust’s New Writers Awards (2013 / 14). His collaborations include work with Edinburgh Printmakers, cosmologists, electroacoustic composers, and particle physicists. He is poetry editor at the Glasgow Review of Books. ‘The Laws of the Game’ was the title poem of 17 commissioned from Glasgow poets on the occasion of the Commonwealth Games in July 2014.

Why I was so bad at clay-pigeon shooting

It was cold. It was raining. I was tired. I cried ‘Pull!’ and tightened, tried to follow the whirring discus to its apex, the point at which it would pause and begin its fall. My eye filled with dark mountain, …

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The Laws of the Game

No team may have more than seven players on the pitch and each must believe that their heels are aflame, that the bounce of the ball is merciless, that the field is wide open before it’s closed by the lung-crunching …

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