Rusty Morrison

Rusty Morrison’s poetry books: Beyond the Chainlink (Ahsahta) finalist for the NCIBA & NCBA; After Urgency (Tupelo) won The Dorset Prize; the true keeps calm biding its story (Ahsahta) won the Sawtooth Prize, Academy of American Poet’s James Laughlin Award, No. California Book Award, & DiCastagnola Award, PSA. Whethering (The Center for Literary Publishing) won Colorado Prize for Poetry; Book of the Given (Noemi Press). She's received the Bogin, Hemley, Winner & DiCastagnola Awards from PSA. Her poems and / or essays have appeared: Boston Review, Iowa Review, Kenyon Review, Lana Turner, Pen Poetry Series, Prelude, VOLT. She's been co-publisher of Omnidawn since 2001.


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