Richard James Allen

Australian born Richard James Allen has published nine books as a poet, fiction, performance writer and editor, most recently The Kamikaze Mind (Brandl & Schlesinger). His writing has appeared widely in magazines, journals and anthologies, and his early work has been republished in the groundbreaking online initiative, the Australian Poetry Library. Richard has combined a unique international career as a multi-award-winning poet, performer, choreographer, film and new media maker, and scholar, with screen adaptations of his poetry shown over 200 international festivals as well as on television around the world, and live performance readings and adaptations seen at over 100 venues on three continents. Recently Richard has been involved with cutting edge incursions into poetry and new media, finding new spaces and platforms for literature on mobile phones and in 3D online immersive worlds. He is an honorary Associate to the University of Technology, Sydney in the Creative Practices area.

Interior World

She is singing Stormy Weather in my interior world. How did she get in there with that ancient fathomless voice? Has she always been there, crooning one song or another? Maybe it’s not even my interior world, but hers. Or …

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