Nurul Alam NA

Nurul Alam NA was born on 25 December 1986 in Nawabganj Upazila (Sultanpur) of Dhaka District. He has shown an affinity for writing since childhood, and during his studies, his first poem ‘Freedom’ was published in a magazine. After moving to Singapore in 2009, he found his love for literature in “Banglar Kantha”, the only Bengali language magazine in Southeast Asia, and was soon appointed as the magazine’s Information Technology Editor. His poems, stories and reports have been published in various online magazines besides Banglar Kantha.

Heart | হৃদয়

a heart rendered like wax, to insignificance, to giving up– a heart rendered like time, an amnesiac, spaced in uniform– a heart rendered like love, saying hello, a teaspoon of honey– a heart rendered like current, in its own course, …

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