梁钺 (Neo Choon Hong)

Neo Choon Hong (梁钺) who adopted the pseudonym Liang Yue (梁钺), was an Assistant Director with the Ministry of Education and a senior lecturer with the National Institute of Education. His first poetry collection, So Says Tea, published in 1984, was awarded a book prize by the Singapore Book Development Council. He went on to publish four other poetry collections: Three Vicissitudes in Life, Beyond Poems, etc. His research work entitled The Direction and Footsteps of Literature was published in 2009. His poems can be widely found in both local and international anthologies.

This City | 这城市

This city is truly pure The flowers have been sterilised The moon inoculated All the luminous shine of the mountains and colours of the sea Have been distilled Even car sounds and birdsongs have conformed to the norm Footsteps on …

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