Mohamed Chamas

Mohamed Chamas is an artist, game developer and poet based in Naarm (melbourne) who channels the 'dijital djinni'; a rewiring agent for practice-based research. Chamas' work evokes ancient mysticism to fuse and synergize with emerging technologies. This diffractively interfaces with religious studies, ludology, and critical theory. Chamas' Virtual Reality works exist as unsurveilled sites of healing for orientalized bodies; namely سايبر تصوف (cyber tasawwuf) 2018. Chamas has exhibited at Testing Grounds, Seventh Gallery, Trocadero Arts Space and Incinerator Gallery. . Chamas has been published in Co-, The Lifted Brow, and the Writing & Concepts Lecture series.

Baab Ø2: Epilogue

This work is set after the events of my exhibition ‘Baab 02’ at Incinerator Gallery (July 2021). It speculated on the Islamic ‘barzakh’, petrocultures and magickal practice by using,sensual transience, digital pilgrimage and embodied play. The poems are sourced from …

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