Mran-Maree Laing

Mran-Maree Laing is an award-winning poet, essayist and fiction writer whose work has been published in Meanjin, Best Austrlian Poems, Cordite, PAN magazine, various anthologies and other literary journals.

Travels with My Father

My father was insatiable salt, pickled against his maimed leg and mislaid love with litres of cheap whisky, smoked joint after joint until the cabin was a cave and there he squatted by the fire trying to make sense of …

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Inside Quietness (Söderlund)

I wake: only the wind curls, the rise and fall call of the whip bird the white curtain billowed with light. Everyone is sleeping. The quiet house accepts my footfall the way a winter forest accepts a solitary deer: coarse …

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Last Morning in the Country

Out of the morning— the yawning blue, sleepy-eyed morning where the leaves rustle like bed-clothes and the fence-post crows drip rippling notes into the steeping silence— rushes the wind. I stand stooge in the paddock—dozing a dream of childhood paddocks: …

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How to Drown

As we fought for the third day, about something I no longer recall, your voice turned to water, to a sound I had never heard, wet and hard and cold, water from the bursting gut of a cloud, water from …

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