Melanie Scaife

It’s been said painting is a tightrope act between representation and that ‘other thing’, which for me eludes words but can be captured in and communicated through a painting. This is why I paint and strive, as the Italian painter Giorgio Morandi once advised, to make what I see equivalent to what I feel. Technique, he suggested, evolves from that. ‘What I see’ has most recently been the Tasmanian and Victorian landscapes after spending significant amounts of time in both locations. But these places are ultimately not the subject matter -- it’s their poetic potential, offered up in lonely winding roads and strange objects found along the way, that I use to express the presence of that elusive but keenly felt ‘other thing’. I studied fine art (painting) at RMIT University in Melbourne and the Glasgow School of Art, Scotland.

4 Artworks by Melanie Scaife

With her new set of oil paintings, 2011 Glover Prize finalist Melanie Scaife leaves behind her dour and wintry Clarice Beckett-like landscapes in favour of something lush and dynamic.

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