Mark Grinyer

Dr. Grinyer received his PhD in English from the University of California, Riverside and wrote his dissertation on the poetry of William Carlos Williams. He has published poetry and some criticism in literary magazines across the U. S. His poems have been published in The Kansas Quarterly, The Literary Review, The Spoon River Quarterly, The Pacific Review, Perigee and a number of other magazines. Dr. Grinyer is interested in modern and contemporary poetry, both as a writer and a critic, and in science fiction as literature. For many years, he worked as a Proposal development specialist, technical editor and writer in industry, or taught Business Communication at California State University, Fullerton. His work involved helping project teams in industry prepare competitive proposals for a wide variety of products and services. He has also given presentations at conferences and been a contributor to several business related books and publications. He is currently seeking a publisher for a book of poems.

Doll Making

          after Vonnegut   She sits before the TV screen and needles russet comedy from cloth. While the re-run witch talks through her laugh and zap, unravels time and space, she fades into the ad biz of the age. A million …

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