Lizz Murphy

Lizz Murphy has published 12 books. Her seven poetry titles includePortraits and Six Hundred Dollars (PressPress), Walk the Wildly (Picaro Press), Stop Your Cryin (Island) and Two Lips Went Shopping (Spinifex Press: print & e-book). Murphy’s region-wide public art project Poetry: The Indelible Stencil – in partnership with Southern Tablelands Arts (STARTS) – is gradually coming together. Her awards include the Rosemary Dobson Poetry Prize (co-winner 2011) and she was recently Highly Commended in the 2013 Blake Poetry Prize. Born in Belfast, she lives in Binalong NSW.


sideslide mindslew curious tubular misshapen still stillutterly still they always say curseleap backupwards onto chair it also leap levitate loop hoop neckhigh hoop and hoop our mouths faces unlatched screamsilent racehearts wreathing noose and coil reptilian taupe bronzestrikes the far …

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Through a Child’s Eyes

She is a child whose play eyes settle on the fine grains sweetly falling through sugar fingers She is a child whose factory eyes settle on a shatter of sequins like falling fire or a stitched up sky When night …

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