Joyce Parkes

Joyce Parkes' work has met with publication in Overland, Linq, New England Review, Creatrix, Meanjin, among many other committed literary magazines and journals.

Mascon, Mañana

Bridges over the river write, seen resting on land lining the water on either side of the current’s course, may have been built to carry metaphors to and from dwellings surveyed, surmised and summarised by mobile minds impelled to observe …

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(With thanks to Nick Driscoll)   Parsley rarely receives what she deserves, though she rarely deserves what she has received she maintains discussing entitlement with Carolyn, Nicholas, Maurice and Georgina in the garden of thyme and time, spotting uncertainty. Like …

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Overlander Ode

If May were to call a spade a spade, would Spade hover over tenets and terms, flatten freesias, ferns, friction, fiction, to strike stretches of Pater- son's Curse or Salvation Jane and kangaroo-paw terrains, so burying the bloom labour and …

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