John Carey

John Carey is an ex-teacher of French and Latin and a former actor. His latest collection is One Lip Smacking (Picaro Press 2013).


Unquick, undead, with oyster eyes, he surfs a toppled tombstone then lurches and trundles through the poplars, unshapes himself like an octopus to shimmy through the iron grille of the perimeter then negotiates a rope-bridge between definitions: of being and …

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Guard Duty

This side of my eyelids is a dark that lacks density, matt patches of light tempering the spread of shadow, wrinkles of glass-shatter frozen just short of a drop, a millimetre of airy perspective with a hint of comic-book stars …

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From the Gonzo Dictionary of Literary Terms

bugarstice is the name of a verse form sung by Dalmatian shepherds to their sheep as an instrument of forced conversion or to calm them during the rigours of drenching and cleansing. It is a formal measure characterised by the …

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