Jitendra Vasava

Jitendra Vasava Born in Mahupada on the banks of the Tapi in the Narmada district of Gujarat, Jitendra Vasava is a poet who writes in Dehwali Bhili. He is one of the few poets in Gujarat writing in a tribal language. Vasava established up the Adivasi Sahitya Academy in 2014 and is the president of the Academy. He has to his credit four books on adivasi (tribal) oral literature. He has also edited Lakhara, a poetry magazine dedicated to tribal voices published by Bhasha, Vadodara. He has also been associated with the magazine Adilok and is currently associate editor. Vasava is pursing a PhD at the Sardar Patel University in Gujarat. His research is on the cultural and mythological aspects of some oral folk tales of the Bhils from the Narmada district. His latest work is an anthology of contemporary poetry in tribal languages of Gujarat published by the Mahatma Gandhi Labour Institute, Ahmedabad titled Gujarat ni adivasi kavita.

To Progress | આગલા વાદાઁ

Translated from the Dehwali to the English by Gopika Jadeja When I read my poetry In our language In the raga of my ancestors They look beneath my mouth Clap enthusiastically for a few moments But in order to understand …

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