Jenny Sampirisi

Jenny Sampirisi is a poet and fiction writer based in Toronto, Canada. Her first novel, is/was, was published by Insomniac Press, 2008, and her poetry collection, Croak, came out with Coach House Books in 2011. She is the recipient of the K.M.Hunter Artist Award for Literature, and is the previous managing editor for BookThug. She is currently working on a poetry collection titled What it Resembles is Slightly Too Marvellous from which ‘Opening: From the Balcony’ is a part.

Opening: From the Balcony

Without intent. The island. The lake in the foreground. The forest in the background. The sky. The sky goes chest-first into the lake. The forest goes in backwards. Out there: call it overdose. Call it overwhelming. Goes in backwards. The …

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