Jena Woodhouse

Jena Woodhouse is a poet and fiction writer whose publications (as author/ translator/ compiler) include eight books in various genres, three of them poetry collections. The most recent is Green Dance: Tamborine Mountain Poems (Calanthe Press 2018).

Giant Rainforest Snail

Hedleyella falconeri What formuli are whorled inside this home you sculpt out of your self: secretions that belie the tensile properties of bone, in favour of a spiralling fluidity of form – your nautiline and perfect exoskeleton. Slower than aquatic …

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On the Windswept Bridge

I walk across the bridge for the pleasure of walking across the bridge, daring the wind to pluck me up like a bird, make me a cloud in its mouth, transiting the boundless high camino of unearthly blue, morphing to …

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