Jeff Klooger

Jeff Klooger wrote poetry from 1980 to 1997, stopped for an 11 year sabbatical, then resumed in 2008. His poems have been published in many Australian and international print and online journals. His other interests are music, sociology (which he currently teaches) and philosophy. Alongside poems in journals including The Liberal (UK), The Stinging Fly (Ireland), Harvest, dotdotdash, Eureka Street, Text, Numinous (NZ), Otoliths, The Argotist Online (UK), Unusual Work, and elsewhere, 2009 has seen the publication of his book on the ideas of the radical Greek-French philosopher, social theorist, psychoanalyst, economist and political activist, Cornelius Castoriadis.

Joined to his guilt by bonds of matrimony

Joined to his guilt by bonds of matrimony with a dog he called homily he left for the 24 hour vets But he could still reclaim the black open road Any time he cared to. Yet, these sweats, and cheap …

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The Ghost of a Marriage

Joined to his guilt by bonds of matrimony

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They Might Be Giants

In films the good guys always are a little crazy. George C. Scott (They Might Be Giants) chasing Moriarty through the alleys and all-nights supermarkets, the neon madness of America. As judge he could condemn but never save; as Sherlock …

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