Isi Unikowski

Isi Unikowski is a PhD candidate at the Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU. He has been previously published in Cordite Poetry Review and other Australian and overseas publications, including the Australian Book Review’s ‘States of Poetry’ series.


As always, time’s sieve selects a myth from the facts, the way the city—a pith spilled from the karst— is pushed pack into the yellow haze despite the ships’ urgency to its quayside as if to leave room for the …

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Our sun-cankered, frost-lacerated old bomb has usurped a spot beside a Milky Way of faces. Fingers tapping on the dash, I stare up at pigeons filibustering on ledges outside floors lit by cleaners; at the back of my hand charting …

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Grey, Green, Silver (elemental machine)

I had forgotten rain’s mechanism: how it doesn’t fall but is requisitioned, plucked from a city’s plumage that in its arrogance of towers has forgotten to ask, windows like little green parks peering onto cafes, consultants’ cases arranged between tables …

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