Ion Corcos

Ion Corcos has been published in The High Window, Australian Poetry Journal, Cordite, Meanjin, and other journals. Ion is a nature lover and a supporter of animal rights. He is currently travelling with his partner, Lisa. He is the author of A Spoon of Honey (Flutter Press, 2018).

A Game of Life You Don’t Always Know You’re Playing

A short history of songbirds: declivities, banging pans, eyes scratched out of religious icons painted on cave walls. In the marrow of debate, the preservation of power. You pretend not to see: in stones, the disappearing trees, the lobster flaying …

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Lion’s Bridge

The seats were covered in snow in February, and the screech of trams as they passed Lavov Most, Lion’s Bridge, muffled the water of the Vladaya. A woman walks in red heels outside a bakery. The old communist buildings are …

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Lovely Windows

Broad sand flats, crows and gulls on the verge, white lines in the sky; on the other side, past Flat Holm island, Cardiff; no border, just a sign in both English and Welsh, on our way to Swansea. Wet, mist …

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