Glen Phillips

Dr Glen Phillips, poet and ECU university professor, was born in Southern Cross, Western Australia. He serves on the Board of writing WA and is Patron of the KSP Foundation. His PhD conferred in 2006 was entitled: Land Whisperings and a Poetics of Newplace and Birthplace. His latest books are: Six Seasons: Australian and Chinese Poems (ICLL, 2012), The Woman River (ECU, 2012), The Moon Belongs to No One (Salt, in press), A Show of Colours (ICLL, 2011), Redshift: 42 Name Day Poems (ICLL, 2009), Shanghai Suite (ICLL, 2009), Singing Granites: Poems (Oversteps Books, 2008), with Anne Born and Spring Burning (Salt, 1999). Additionally he co-edited Contrary Rhetoric (Fremantle Press, 2008) - a collection of Kinsella’s landscape lectures and co-edited Lines in the Sand: New Western Australian Poetry (TCH Press, 2008). Glen is internationally published in several languages and is represented in 20 anthologies and more than 30 journals and newspapers.

Was Death Too Good for Me?

‘A salesman is got to dream, boy’ … Arthur Miller: Death of a Salesman I offered no resistance for I went without a struggle; I was high and dry and stranded, no commitments left to juggle. The Board convened a …

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