Gary Pierluigi

Since first being published in Quills, Gary Pierluigi has been published in numerous poetry journals, including CV2, Queen’s Quarterly, On Spec, Filling Station, The Dalhousie Review, The Nashwaak Review, Grain, and Misunderstandings Magazine. He was short listed for the CBC 2006 Literary Awards in the poetry category, a finalist in the Lit Pop Awards and received an honorable mention in The Ontario Poetry Society’s Open Heart Contest. His first poetry book, Over the Edge, has been published by Serengeti Press.

Onion Sky

Past melts the present. The earliest weapons were hands, nails, teeth. A narrative of catastrophe and slow accumulation. Bioluminescent gardens. Wailing migration from life to death. Railroads, birds, bison. Memories lost, yet irrevocably found. Can there be revelation in this? …

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