Fiona Annis

Fiona Annis is a Montréal-based visual artist and researcher whose interdisciplinary practice emphasises the use of scores and time-based media. In 2008, she completed a Master's degree at the Glasgow School of Art and she is currently pursuing a practice-led PhD at Concordia University. Fiona has exhibited in national and international contexts including: The AC Institute (New York City), The Canadian Centre for Architecture (Montréal) Goldsmith's University (London), LowSalt Gallery (Glasgow), and The Art Gallery of Alberta (Edmonton). Her work has been published in BlackFlash Magazine, Front: Contemporary Art & Ideas, Les Fleurs du Mal, and Imagining Science, winner of the New York Book Show Award.

Fiona Annis’s Celestial Measures in Ferrotype

Common threads in my work include the use of instructions, time-based media, and esoteric technologies. This is paired with an ongoing interest in how the past inhabits the present. In this respect, the prefix re is in constant use: return, revenant, remediate, reinvent, and residue all reoccur in the writings that describe my various projects. Most recently, the impulse to riffle through discarded or disavowed material objects is interwoven with an exploration of obsolete lens-based technologies.

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