Eli Nur Fadilah

Eli Nur Fadilah was born in a small Village in Cilacap, Central Java. She has been working in Singapore since 2011 as a domestic worker, and has always had an infatuation for stories and the art of writing since she was a child. She was one of the winners for the Migrant Workers Story Telling Competition in 2018, and is also one of the poem and story contributors for the two anthologies: Call and Response and Familiar Strangers. She volunteers at Voice of Invisible Hands Singapore when she has the time. Eli believes words are very powerful, and that through writing understanding can be created that would make the world worth living.

My House | Rumahku

through spaces & slits breath, spirit, longing shelter seeks no reward I fashion this prayerful footstool to sweat on so they’ll know a love weathers crash & swelter my house a place best fashioned mine & my heart mama papa …

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