Daniela Brozek Cordier

Daniela Brozek Cordier thanks Tasmania’s wild and human aspects for making her what she is (that is, a Tasmanian). She has been a wilderness guide, taught English in Europe, worked in tourism and marketing, grown and sold plants, and, for more than ten years, was an environmental consultant. She is principal of Bright South, which, among other things, publishes poetry and helps writers reach readers.

When Poets Write Prose: Daniela Brozek Cordier Reviews Recent Collections by Joanne Burns, Stephanie Green and Jane Williams

This is a review of three collections of poetry by women, two published in 2019, and one, Jane Williams’s Parts of the Main, in 2017. Of the two more recent volumes, Stephanie Green consistently uses prose in Breathing in Stormy Seasons, whereas Joanne Burns writes in prose in only one section of her collection, that which bestows its title, apparently, on the collection.

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