Brieanna Collard

Brieanna Collard is a proud Nyoongar woman who has lived in the South West for over a quarter of a century, incessantly daydreaming literary symphonies of mellifluous ascent. Her love for words entrenched in the tutelage of her proud, strong and kind mother–each manifest an ode of devotion to the woman who spent her life serving others. Nothing entices her more than the soulful baritones of Sam Cooke, and she is entirely unabashed to say that cold tea should be a crime. When not reminiscing, or romanticising, she can be found enjoying the delightful company of her wonderful girlfriend, Lorilei, and her four-footed canine son, T’Challa.


The day my mother chose me, a flame was ignited. Her fertility, abundance and generosity fed this light of mine. Until the shimmering radiance of a mid morning’s sun paled in comparison, To my warmth, My kindness, My compassion. Fuck, …

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