Anne Walsh

Anne Walsh is a poet and a story writer whose work falls somewhere on the border of those two countries. She’s been shortlisted for the Newcastle Poetry Prize twice and for the ACU Prize for literature. Her first book of poems, I Love Like a Drunk Does, was published by Ginninderra Press (2009, Australia). Her second book of poems, Intact, was published in January, 2017 by Flying Island Books. Her poems have been published widely in Australia and abroad. Her work has also been published in the U.S., including a short story, The Rickman Digression, by Glimmer Train.

I Still Love Without My Head

Poseidon wanted me for a time. And I was a fool. He only ever loved himself. Jealous Athena made me into a gorgon with a head of snakes. Funny I had always seen myself that way anyway. Now no one …

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