Andrew Leggett

Andrew Leggett is a Brisbane author of poetry, fiction, reviews and interdisciplinary academic papers. He also works as an editor and a consultant psychiatrist in the men's health field. He holds a research master's degree in creative writing from the University of Queensland and is a confirmed doctoral candidate in creative writing at Griffith University. He has published two collections of poetry with Interactive Press, is working on a third, and is in the process of seeking a publisher for his first novel.

Great Notion Road

God is in Heaven. The fish in the tank in the Thai restaurant, Exhibition Street, Melbourne, will never see stars fall. Neil Armstrong rocketed a quarter million miles to the moon, a long trip for a small step. A sign …

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Harold Holt Transmits A Message Home

To the people of Australia especially those scientists and engineers who keep things humming at the big radio telescope near Parkes I send you greetings that I pray you will discern from all the intergalactic advertising that you wrongly read …

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