Anders Villani

Anders Villani was born in Melbourne. He recently completed his MFA in poetry at the University of Michigan's Helen Zell Writer's Program, where he received the 2015 Delbanco Thesis Prize. Also a two-time winner of the John Marsden Prize for Young Australian Writers, Anders is currently working on a novel.

Moravian Eclipse Myth (Corona of Hunters and Prey)

Seven women roam a caldera in the mountains. One starred in a ‘90s sketch comedy—wigged damsel Fabio strummed the lute for. One knows how arms at sea say, Save me, above the waves and below; her red one-piece’s cut grooves …

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Young Animism

A white-blonde boy stands toe-to-wave on a surf beach in Queensland, midwinter. He has just dug from the shallows a small, ruddy shell. Some kind of ark, perhaps although the plump red-lipped mouth—that cups his right ear, nibbles it, hisses …

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Bedtime Story/Reveille

Snow can’t have fallen. There was a chessboard on a scintillating bluff of stairwell flesh—what-all he up endued, or down, with pivots, concretised. It smelt of old spit- air let from a carnival mallet. 5 a.m. He’s in a bed, …

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Learn the Flowers

Entry for February 5th, 1798. Wordsworth walks to Stowey with Coleridge. She observes some trees putting up red shoots. And then, innocently, she signs off: Query—What trees are they?. In twelfth-grade philosophy class you visited a Buddhist temple, somewhere out …

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Cabin Near Stirling

Vision crowded with mass coronal injections —the pit he’d kicked in the snow behind their untreated log cabin so shallow he was shitting on himself— skin too numb to notice, was this one of the welcome numbs—White Sallee copse too …

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