Ahmad Md Tahir

Ahmad Md Tahir (b. 1967), has published two collections of poems – Bunga Makna (1992) and Aisberg Kesimpulan (2013). He has received commendation awards in the Saadon Ismail Award (1990, 1992, 1993, 1994) and commendation awards in MBMS Literary Award (1993, 1995). His poems have been translated in English and published in various anthologies of poetry – Journeys: Words, Home & Nation (1995), Memories & Desires (1998), Rhythms: A Singapore Millennial Anthology of Poetry (2000), Verse Of Angels (2010), From The Window Of This Epoch (2010), Moving Words (2011), SingaPoetry: An Anthology Of Singapore Poems (2015) and Contour: A Lyric Cartography Of Singapore (2019).

fallout: new shenton | Shenton Way

i. in the new city a wandering river of delivery bikes throng canals of retail shops drained of posh automobiles ii. are there angels among the living the air is thick with the expensive smell of sanitisers let us raise …

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