Abeir Soukieh

Abeir Soukieh is a Lebanese-Australian poet who was born and raised in Canberra. Her work can be found in Cordite Poetry Review, Not Very Quiet, The Australian Poetry Anthology 2020 and elsewhere. She is currently completing her Juris Doctor through Deakin University.

Be careful not to slip on words like

sleet and Eucalyptus. Scribbly Gum. Pause. And light is cool, close; as in near but– Ambush. Demonic ambu– scade. Local. Engbic or Araglish? Regular. Green olives, –she’s pregnant– pitted. Conical fruit. Current. –married a global man– Blood mouth. I brush …

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3 Poems

i. of fullness fill me up on foreign words so that I might, in meaning, feel full. and play me music, absolute; though map-less, goes farther still. ii. pointing your largeness larger, larger than, larger than large-less, ab-largely, ab-ending, loosely …

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