from Not Without Tree

By | 1 March 2015

/allude to the pornographic gripped along self seemed avenues of desire, holding they
flicker like odes to a personal object view.

not to be so pure as to be knot
precisely object given without
the tangle of choric branching
notes bent optic on dishevelment
brink upon bark, bark within the sink
of dispersals soiled longings

I think there to pollute, the crosswire of articulation, enclave of a promising breach that
exacts the toll of what I no longer.

All the pristine visions
The resolute buttresses, parlays
Eschewing grit
the tumour of a speech reproached
the forage of a rash that seals
melodious wrecks of an index
that can only vex because it chimes
along expectant ways

sunk beneath its wish-felt paradigm

space I give

To you
Your own cool


Clever little bastards
Fuck you!

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